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While Ice­land may seem a world away, it is actu­ally very acces­si­ble for film­mak­ers.

There are daily flight con­nec­tions to most major hubs on both sides of the Atlantic. Direct fly­ing time from JFK to LAX (or SFO for that mat­ter) is about the same—­give or take 20 min­utes—as JFK to Ice­land's Keflavík (KE­F). There are daily flights to Ice­land from most major gate­ways in Europe (2.5-3 hours) and North Amer­ica (5-6 hrs).

Ice­land sup­ports a fan­tas­tic vari­ety of scenery; Ice­land has end­less black sand beach­es, impos­ing glac­i­ers, snow­capped moun­tains, rugged lava fields, pow­er­ful water­falls, lakes, and lagoons packed with ice­bergs. The stark high­land inte­ri­or, tun­dra, and moors patched with cobalt blue ponds con­trast with active gey­sers, fumaroles, and steam­ing sul­fur moun­tains of oth­er-­worldly beauty.

All of this is within easy reach of expe­ri­enced local ser­vice com­pa­nies ready to assist. High­-qual­ity accom­mo­da­tions and cater­ing facil­i­ties and are never far away nei­ther. The ser­vice com­pa­nies have var­i­ous impres­sive pro­duc­tion reels and pho­tos from loca­tion scout­ing around the coun­try to share with film­mak­ers.

Don't for­get the stun­ning Ice­landic light!

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Apart from the unique land­scape, you will never for­get the light in Ice­land. From mid-­May to mid-Au­gust, the mid­night sun­sets for around three hours a day. Even at mid­night, you could go for a walk with­out a flash­light. Film­mak­ers revel in Ice­land's "­magic hour" light that can go on for hours! In mid-win­ter, there are about five hours of effec­tive day­light. Early spring and late autumn have long peri­ods of low-an­gle, lin­ger­ing twi­light that add drama and ambi­ence to any scene.

The white nights of sum­mer and fre­quent North­ern Lights dur­ing win­ter enhance the scenery's unearthly appeal. Despite being close to the Arc­tic Cir­cle, Ice­land enjoys a mod­er­ate cli­mate year-round. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, it is much warmer than other regions at the same lat­i­tude. The win­ters are mild, and the sum­mers are cool. The best weather is often from mid-June through August, with the cold­est tem­per­a­tures usu­ally in Jan­u­ary.

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